Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return Visit to Widener Library

Widener Reading Room
No photos were allowed to be taken inside of Widener Library.
 This Photo Credit: Harvard.Edu
Walking into Widener Library last week,  and up the stairs to the Reading Room, Marash Girl looked to her left for the 22 year old Marash Boy.  Would he be rushing along the wall, head bent in concentration, hurrying from his carrell along the shelves in the Reading Room to check out a question in the Encyclopedia of Islam edited by among others, his professor, Sir Hamilton Gibb?  No, he was nowhere to be seen.  She looked across the room to her place at the long library tables. Would she be reading there? Waiting? But she was not there.  Nor was anyone sleeping,  as they were wont to do back in the day, head bent over arms,   pillowed by the pages of an open book. There were some steadily working . . . on slim silver cases . . . and a few reading books. . .  Well, of course. It was the Reading Room, was it not?


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