Monday, September 10, 2012

Mattoon Street Arts Festival 2012, Springfield, Massachusetts

The Tin Man welcomes one and all to the Annual Mattoon Street Arts Festival 2012, Springfield, Massachusetts, which occurs every year in the heart of downtown Springfield on the weekend after Labor Day.  Join Marash Girl as she wanders down Mattoon Street, perusing the 100 artisans' tents which lined both sides of Mattoon Street.

The rain and threatened tornadoes, though dampening the signs, did not dampen the spirits of the artisans or the visitors at the festival.

Felted handmade handbags, a popular item at the festival!

 An ever popular item at the festival, several of these cutting boards made their way to New York City.

Handbags made of non-recyclable plastic!

Books written and signed by local authors who were on hand to chat with visitors.

Street musicians engage the young and old alike!


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