Friday, September 7, 2012

Joe Kennedy III visits Primary Election polls in Newton, Massachusetts

Joseph Kennedy III, Democrat, Candidate in Massachusetts' Fourth Congressional District, chats with a Newton voter in Newton Highlands at the polls yesterday.

Newton, Massachusetts'  Mayor Setti Warren chats with a Newton Highlands resident at the polls on Thursday.

Sheila Rauch (left), mother of Joe Kennedy III and Newton's Mayor Setti Warren with Newton resident at the polls in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts, on Thursday, stand in front of a sign supporting the candidacy of
Joe Kennedy for Congress.  
Photo Credit - Aaron Goldman

Sheila Rauch mother of Joe Kennedy III with Mayor Setti Warren standing in front of sign which reads "Joe Kennedy for Congress" at the Hyde Community Center polling booths in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. Photo Credit - Aaron Goldman

Victorian house and gardens, typical of the architecture of Newton Highlands, Massachusetts.
 To think that people die for the right to vote, yet only 17% of Newton voters went to the polls yesterday!

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  1. The other 83% (if my subtraction is correct) are scary!