Monday, September 24, 2012

Marash Cautionary Tale: The Duduk

And speaking of duduks (see yesterday's blog post), Marash Girl's dad used to love to tell this ancient cautionary tale from Marash.   Way back when, a fellow was planning a business trip from Marash to Istanbul -- "Bring me back a duduk," asks his friend.  The fellow returns with no duduk.  "The next time you go, bring me back a duduk," presses his friend.  The fellow goes to Istanbul and returns to Marash with no duduk.  The third time the fellow goes to Istanbul,  he returns with a duduk for another fellow.  ". . . (expletives) how is it that you brought back a duduk for that fellow, and although I've asked you many times, you've never brought back a duduk for me?"  Answers the business traveller,  "That fellow gave me money to buy the duduk.  You pay your money, you get your duduk."  That line became a refrain that would always bring laughter to the gathering, when quoted at the appropriate moment!  When Marash Girl asked Marash Boy (after yesterday's concert) if he remembered the story, Marash Boy said, "No, but I remember the line, "Pay the money, and you get the duduk!"


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