Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Picnic at Camp Hayastan - 79TH AYF-YOARF OLYMPICS - BOSTON, (& NEWTON), MASSACHUSETTS, Part Four

What would you like us to play for you?  Soude, Soude, Soude, Soude, amen pan soude?

Contemporary Dumbeg with inner Tambourine!

The young 'uns admire the musicians, especially the oud player!

Barkev Khaligian leads the group in the Armenian dance, the "bar" (with a rolled r).

Girls playing a friendly game of  backgammon, a reminder of the old guys who always played competitive backgammon at the picnics of old!
Famous Armenian Singer: Onnik Dinkjian with friend

Shish Kebab on the grill!
11:00 am Labor Day - Farewell Picnic at Camp Haiastan.  Shish kebab. Dancing.  Music by  Mal Barsamian, Leo Derderian, Jay Baronian, Bruce Gigarjian

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  1. Mmmm. I can smell the smoke and steam rising from the Sish Kebab!