Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Zucchini Disaapointment

Marash Girl made the mistake, as she had feared, of counting her zucchinis "before they hatched".  And, in fact, to date, she has had many zucchini flowers on the potted plants that are in full sun, but the flowers have all dropped off, with nary a zucchini to their name.  And the zucchini plants in partial sun on the hillside? Nary a flower.  Help!


  1. i think I mentioned that around here we only lock our cars and houses during zucchini season, lest our prolific neighbors descend their zucchinis on us. You may have earned a gold medal of failed zucchini - and the gratitude of your friends.

  2. "Yes, I have no zucchini!"
    In the Garden of Eden know as Watertown there is an ancient apple tree, almost croned, it often offers a hundred or so flawed and barely eatable fruits. During this prematurely Springed year this tree has birthed three apples: one typically unpretty, one stunted and deformed, and one large and luscious.
    Is there a lesson here? Or does it simply await another Adam or even another Eve????