Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remembering Peter Bilezikian on his Birthday

Yesterday, August 7, was the birthday of Otro Baba, Grandpa Peter, Daddy, Uncle Peter, Peter (Bedros) Bilezikian.  Enila and Iffar remember playing "Shaplak" with Otro Baba on the porch in Falmouth 5 summers ago. They asked to post the photos of their fun time with Otro Baba today.  Wonderful memories. . . Here they are.  Photo Credits:  Lorig Charkoudian


  1. The game went like this. Otro Baba (with the heart of a child in his mid-90's) would pretend he was not looking. The children would "sneak" up on him and tap him from behind. He would pretend to get angry and threaten them with a Shaplak (spanking), shaking his hand. They would run off, squealing with delight. Then they'd "sneak up" on him again for repeated delight.

    1. All three of them had so much fun. What do you think he's saying to the camera in the last photo?

  2. Happy birthday, Uncle Peter! I miss you.

    (I still get threatened with shaplak from my dad.)

  3. By the way, that game you describe that dad played with your grandkids, I remember him playing that, as well, but I cannot remember in what venue.

  4. I don't really remember playing shaplak, but I remember that it was super fun playing with Otro Baba. By the way, I gave Otro Baba the name Otro Baba when I was two years old and speaking Spanish!

  5. Very sweet! :)

    I first read your post in Google Reader, so I opened the page to ask what Shaplak is and saw that you had explained it in comments. Growing up in our house, that would be a "hingafparig" (NO IDEA how to spell that. My grandfather would always smile sweetly and ask "You want hingafparig??" No thanks Grampy!! ;)