Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Cape Cod Hospitality:  A Bumper Sticker To Remember
Yesterday, after a session at the Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center where the young 'uns learned local lore, facts about the Canal, and how to make paper (part of a lesson on Reuse/Recycle/Repair/Reduce), the children were excited to return to their favorite spot on Cape Cod:  The Sandwich Public Library.  After several hours of looking for exciting titles, playing computer games, sitting in comfy chairs, and reading their book treasures, they were ready to go for ice cream.  Heading out to the parking lot, they couldn't wait to show Marash Girl  a bumper sticker they had discovered.  The bumper sticker read, "Welcome to Cape Cod -- Now Go Home!"  As Marash Girl dragged out her camera to record the welcome, the owner of the bumper sticker and the automobile on which it was stuck to, came around to the the back of her car and asked, "Do you like my bumper sticker?  It was a gift from my sister, and a sentiment I'd like to share.  Can you put it on Facebook for me?"  Marash Girl asked the young woman where she lived.  "I live in Sandwich," she answered, "but I don't have a Facebook account.  Would you put it on Facebook for me?"  "Of course," promised Marash Girl.  So here it is, folks, the bumper sticker heading for Facebook from a beleaguered resident of Sandwich, Massachusetts, who has been suffocated by all the folks who love her town.


  1. I'm glad I showed you the bumper sticker!

  2. Love it! We should have some of those made for the Berkshires!

  3. I've seen these in many lovely places! We who live in towns or areas of beauty often end up resenting others who visit and upon whom our towns or areas rely for income. We might think about being more welcoming, and keep our sighs of relief to ourselves at the end of tourist season.