Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mediation Began Long ago: One Hand Can't Clap (Armenian Proverb)

Mediation begins at home.  Little did Marash Girl know that her father was quoting an Armenian Proverb whenever the children would argue about who started a fight or an argument.  Peter loved "object lessons" and this was one he used often.  "Who started the fight?"  He would hold up one hand and wave it powerfully in one direction.  "Do you hear any noise?"  "No," the children replied.  "Now do you hear any noise?" he said, triumphantly, as he held up both hands and clapped them vigorously together!  That ended the discussion.

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  1. I copied this to a friend who recently spent the weekend with her two grandchildren. The proverb is remarkably apt for her experience. And how Zen is the Armenian proverb!