Monday, August 6, 2012

Return to Westview Creamery, Monson, Massachusetts

Iffar offers a piece of carrot to a baby goat as the throng looks on.
For the first time since the tornado (which hit Wilbraham and Monson on June 1, 2011), Enila & Iffar (their pen names) returned to the mountain in Monson this past Friday, to visit their favorite Western Massachusetts haunt, the goats at Westview Creamery (oh, and of course, to sample the ice cream)!  Although it was almost sunset, they managed to feed the goats a cone filled with goat food, a carrot, and flowers of clover for dessert.
Enila struggles to make sure the baby goats get to eat the treats she has to offer before the adults "horn in".
Tiring of the struggle to feed one goat at a time, Iffar tosses a handful of goat feed to the mother goat as the goat's kid chooses to nurse.
Enila poses for the camera as a neighboring hand offers food to the ever hungry goats.
As the sun sets in the west, we gaze upon what was once our Wilbraham Mountain abode (far left mountain top).

Interested in reading more about the tornado that hit Wilbraham & Monson on June 1, 2011?  Go to


  1. The goats were so cute. I even like the adults, although I tried to feed the kids.