Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tanzies for Lunch, Plimouth Plantation Style

I must prepare tanzies for Mrs. Bradford's lunch.  Would you like to know how I do so?  You must begin with fresh eggs from your hen yard.  The fresher the eggs, the better the tanzy.  Crack the eggs and separate them from the shells, for we would not want to have egg shells in our tanzy.  Beat the eggs with a fork (although I beat mine with my trusty knife that is always at my side); then add bread crumbs (the only bread we have here in the New World is a very coarse corn bread), and chopped herbs of your choice (I believe Enila will use parsley chopped finely).  Melt butter in a flat iron pan (I believe you call them cast iron fry pans), then pour the egg mixture into the pan of sizzling butter, making sure the egg mixture covers the pan and is about 1/4 inch in depth.  Place the pan over the ashes at the front of the fire. Do continue to check the edges of the tanzy as it cooks, to make sure the tanzy is cooking evenly.  When it is browned all along the edges, remove the fry pan from from the fire, and slip the tansy out of the pan onto a flat board or platter.  Then turn the tansy wet side down onto the hot iron pan.  (This is a bit tricky.) Place the pan  full of eggs back onto the front of the fire and as the tanzy cooks, check around the edges to make sure the eggs are browning evenly.  When the underside is sufficiently browned, slip the tansy onto a platter, and serve.  If you're lucky, it will land in one piece and your family will be pleased.

The tansy cooks over hot ashes
at the front of the fire in a heavy
 iron fry pan.
Anna checks the readiness of the tanzy.

Be sure to remove the tansy carefully from the pan; we mustn't present broken tansies -- not very appetizing!
Now Enila & Iffar know how to make a tansy (tanzie, tanzy, tansie), and you do, too!


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