Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alice in Wonderland at the Harwich Junior Theatre, West Harwich, Cape Cod

Before the show, Iffar and Enila chat with the Court Jester on the front porch of the Harwich Junior Theatre
 as the sun goes down in the west.

It was wonderland indeed for the children attending Alice In Wonderland at the Harwich Junior Theatre (West Harwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts) this past Thursday evening. The children never took their eyes away from the stage, nor was there ever a cry of dismay. They were, indeed, in Wonderland.  And even more wonderful was their meeting with the actors on the porch in front of the theatre after this performance of Alice In Wonderland.
A cast of all ages peopled the stage in a perfectly timed farcical performance of Alice!

Giant Alice and Miniature Alice surrounded by the playing cards and all the other characters peopling Alice's dream.

The Duchess sneezes just before she gives Enila a hug! 
Enila & Iffar with the two Alices!

Enila and Iffar chat with the 3-in-1 caterpillar after the performance.
The Queen of Hearts forgets to command, "Off with your head," as 
she takes a shine to Iffar, 
and Iffar takes a shine to her.
"Those are fake glasses, but real braces", commented Enila, as the Mad Hatter placed his hat on Iffar's crown.

Iffar sporting the hat placed on his head by the now hatless Mad Hatter.


  1. When do we need to get them up there so they can be in the show next year?

  2. You have certainly gotten around this summer! No wonder a comfy chair in a library feels like heaven to all of you. The children are beautiful.

    1. We had a cabin once, on the top of WIlbraham Mountain, where we did nothing and everything all day, never leaving the mountaintop, but the tornado took all of that away, the cabin, the trees, the summer fun in Wilbraham.

    2. Yes, I've read your comments about Wilbraham Mountain, and it has always sounded very much like New Hampshire was for us. The farm is still there and belongs to cousins, but family changes - many of them geographical - places it almost as far away as the tornado placed your cabin from you. Things do change, but the memories remain rich.