Saturday, August 4, 2012

Staples, not stitches! Phew!

"I know I'm going to need stitches. . . "
 Phew!  Only two staples in my head!

Enila and Iffar couldn't wait to go to the Springfield Science Museum to see the Legos exhibit yesterday, but while waiting in  line for tickets, guess who fell on his head . . .  Many tears and much blood later found Enila and Iffar at the Emergency Room of Bay State Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, where Iffar's gash was stapled closed (only two staples)!  He was so relieved that he didn't need stitches.

Soon after, proudly stapled, Iffar led Enila back to the Museum to become king and queen of the castle

                and to visit once again the Wilbraham Indians who were represented at the Springfield Science Museum.


  1. That was a gross comment you made about two staples in Iffar's head.

  2. In the last picture above, I liked the tool that the WIlbraham Indian was using to make the bowl; it looked like a banana...