Thursday, August 30, 2012

30th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival, Part 4: The Coast Guard

This is what Marash Girl saw as she approached the first table under the Vendor's Tent:   Life Jackets Save Lives. The table, manned by a member of the Coast Guard and his daughter, was there to convey an essential message for all seafarers: LIFE JACKETS SAVE LIVES.  The Coast Guardsman's daughter was a living example.  A seasoned boat woman, she had been in a boat race wearing heavy clothing when her boat capsized.  Her life jacket kept her upright until help arrived, even though she had on heavy boots that would have taken her to the bottom of the ocean, had she not been wearing a life jacket.   Father and daughter went on to explain that most folks who lose their lives in boating accidents would be living today had they been wearing a life jacket, and many of the folks who lost their lives in boating accidents were seasoned swimmers boating in calm waters.  For more information on life jackets and the saving of life through the wearing of a life jacket, see  the Coast Guard's website on the subject:

and PLEASE, wear a life jacket whenever you go onto the water in a boat.

On the cheerier side of boating, the Coast Guardsman was demonstrating how to tie knots.    Below are photos of the Coast Guardsman showing his daughter how to tie various types of knots important when sailing.
"Tying knots is the most important skill that a sailor can know!"
Oh, and swans were among the many visitors to the 30th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival!


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