Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving with Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish -- Raw Foodies, Take Note!

On Thursday, December, 16, 2010, Marash Girl wrote a blog post entitled ON NOT PEELING AN ORANGE.

In that post, she outlined the following recipe for Cranberry Orange Relish, a concoction that her second grade class prepared and sent to the boys overseas for Thanksgiving.
"Cranberry Orange Relish

2 cups fresh cranberries, washed, sorted (discarding the squishy ones) and stemmed
1 juicy orange with skin (washed)
1 cup sugar

Put cranberries and oranges through a meat grinder, or if you're living in the 21st century, through a Cuisinart chopper. (Be careful to chop sparingly; you don't want a puree.)"

Because juice oranges are a lot less juicy than they were in the "good old days", Marash Girl would recommend that you use two juicy oranges rather than one, and if the mixture is not orangey enough, add some of your own freshly squeezed orange juice.  (Adding a third orange with peel would throw off the taste balance.)

Marash GIrl doesn't know anybody else who makes this dish, though she gets calls every year from friends who want her to save them some (and this year from someone who wanted the recipe. . . she was so happy to learn that Marash Girl had recorded it in today's post!)

Cranberry Orange Relish gets better as it stays, and Marash Girl's friend informed her this morning that it freezes well, too (though she never has any leftovers to freeze)!

If you use organically grown oranges and cranberries, AND you substitute a raw sweetener for the sugar, even the "Raw Foodies" in your family will love it!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. My children made exactly this recipe in nursery school in San Geronimo, California. They proudly brought it home in decorated baby food jars for their Thanksgiving table.

  2. I love cranberry relish. Meat Spot in Watertown Sq. had it other years. I don't know if they have it this year. I'll try the recipe when I have time. M.P.