Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spitting on the head of a donkey

The first time Marash Girl visited Marash Boy at his home on Dearborn Street in Springfield, Massachusetts, was with Raffi Yeghiayan, on the way back from a mutual friend's wedding in Western Massachusetts.  Raffi had offered to do the driving.  All four of them were old friends, having been members of the Harvard-Radcliffe-(MIT) Armenian Club.  Marash Boy's mother Azniv greeted them at the door and was a bit taken aback to see Marash Girl standing there with a boy (other than her son!)  She invited them in, and went up to the third floor where Marash Boy was working on his Ph.D. thesis.   Apparently Marash Boy (or so his mother reported years later to Marash Girl), upon being told that Marash Girl had come to visit, replied, "Eshekin bashuna tukururum", roughly translated, "I spit on the head of a donkey!"  What do you think he could have meant?


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