Monday, November 19, 2012

Hunting the haunting at Dunkin' Donuts

The brave souls that work at Dunkin' Donuts, Blakeslee, PA

Granted it was October, the week before Halloween, but certainly that could not account for all of the  promises of haunted houses in the Poconos.  We had stopped at the Sunoco Station (across from Dunkin' Donuts) at the confluence of Pennsylvania Routes 940 and 215 in Blakeslee, to gas up and get directions to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (not his house, but the town named in honor of him).  The gal behind the counter gave us the directions and when we asked if any of the buildings at Jim Thorpe were haunted, she answered, "Oh, if you're looking for haunted, the Dunkin' Donuts across the street is haunted.  I work there, so I know!"  A haunted Dunkin' Donuts?  This Marash Girl had to see with her own eyes, so to cheer her up on a dreary, foggy, misty day, a day that was too fog-filled to travel to Easton, (the aborted plan for the day,) Marash Boy decided to take Marash Girl to breakfast at the haunted Dunkin' Donuts.  And there she was, the girl from the Sunoco station, the girl with tatoos on her arms, serving coffee at Dunkin' Donuts.  "Hi," said Marash Girl.  "Is this the Dunkin' Donuts that's haunted?" Marash Girl asked looking around and up at the ceiling for any such signs. 

"It sure is," answered the girl with tattoos on her arms.  A tall young man with dark hair came walking over.  "Just this morning at 10 AM,  I heard a voice calling my name and when I turned around, there was no one there."  "I heard it, too," said the girl with tattoos on her arms.  "What has been happening?" Marash Girl asked, fascinated. . . "Well, see this lever which we depress to pour you a cup of coffee?  This lever locks when it's in the up position; no way can it accidentally depress.  But the other day, hot coffee started pouring from the spout, spilling everywhere!"  "And when I opened up yesterday morning," added the tall young man,
"I felt a dark presence behind me, but when I turned around, no one was there!"  The gal with tattoos on her arms continued.  "See this white funnel?  There is no way it can leave its position in the pot, but the other day it went flying through the air; that flight was even caught on camera!"  "And this coffee filter full of grounds went flying out of the pot several weeks ago, while we were all on the other side of the store; we saw it happen!"  Marash Boy, looking for a plausible reason for all this paranormal activity, suggested that there must have been a farmhouse on this land that was demolished in order to build the Dunkin' Donuts, and that the haunting presence was unhappy with having his abode displaced.  The young man working behind the counter said that there had been a restaurant at those crossroads for many years, and that the land under the building was swampland.  "That would explain it," said Marash Boy. "The ghost was probably an integral part of the restaurant that was demolished."  "Does anything ever happen at night?" Marash Girl asked.  "Don't know," answered the young man with the blonde hair.  "I'm never here at night."  "I wouldn't be here either," answered Marash Girl, laughing.  As they left, Marash Boy and Marash Girl spied  3 large boulders, reddish in color, (could they be gravestones?) set in front of the building, the very color of the orangish red on the leaves in the forest and the orangish red of the Dunkin' Donuts sign.  

"Quite unusual for the typical Dunkin' Donuts,"  Marash Boy commented; "This franchise must be  privately owned by the ghost!" 

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  1. Hilarious! Or it could be the ghosts of the fauna and flora of the marsh that was filled for the first restaurant. That's a precious ecosystem that is consistently demolished!