Monday, November 5, 2012

Time to fly south!

Walking westward early yesterday morning, (6:30 AM EST to be exact -- yes, Marash Girl remembered to turn the clock back), Marash Girl heard what she thought were chickens, but she knew there were no chickens near the YMCA in Newton Corner.  What could that sound be?  The thought of chickens cackling early in the morning brought to mind her stay in Antigua, Guatemala, where a rooster's crowing or chickens' cackling would awaken her, or more grimly, the Guatemalan armed forces marching through the streets at  5 AM.  But in Newton Corner, it was none of the above.  Looking up, into the western sky, Marash Girl saw a formation, too distant to make out whether geese or another form of avian life, flying in reverse and ragged formation, with desperation in the flight, flying southward.  Yes, Saturday night there had been a frost and Sunday morning the thermometer on the North side of the house in Newton Corner read 31 degrees .  

The geese, if that was what they were, were precipitously heading south to warmer climes; perhaps it was not too late.

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  1. And it was supposed to be 88 here today! Don't know if it reached that, but it was perfect weather. Tomorrow the weather cools - all the way to a predicted 63 on Saturday.