Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To vote or not to vote . . . that is the question.

To vote or not to vote . . . that is the question.

As Hurricane Sandy approached, Marash Girl had the opportunity to speak with a man in Springfield, Massachusetts, about the upcoming Presidential election. Marash Girl was curious to know how he saw the candidates running for President of the United States.  

His response:
"I'm not going to vote (even though I'm African American) because either way, whoever wins the election,   we're heading into a horrific war with Iran, and I don't want to be blamed.  I'm former military and I know what's coming and what it means!"  

Hopefully this gentleman's assumptions are incorrect.  Hopefully.

Please get out there and vote -- your vote will make a difference -- and while you're at it, PRAY FOR PEACE!

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  1. Well, I'm not gonna say that this is the most important election in a generation because it isn't. You could argue the election of 2008, when the country was mired in a devastating financial crisis, had more importance than this one.

    But, regardless of the outcome today, is the U.S. really gonna go to war again against a third country (Iran) in that part of the world where the U.S. has gone to war already twice in 11 years? Is the U.S. electorate going to support another war so soon after the other two? I suppose we'll find out after we learn today's outcome.