Monday, November 26, 2012

Her iş bitti, o kaldı?

On the day after Thanksgiving, Marash Girl was reading one of her favorite blogs (The Armenian Kitchen), where she found the latest in kitchen gadgets -- the pomegranate deseeder, an instrument so clever, that you can remove the fruit from the pomegranate without ever gazing on its internal beauty.  Laughing, screaming through her mind came all of the voices from her past commenting, "Her iş bitti, o kaldı?" . . . a favorite expression with Armenians from Marash, an expression from her childhood, an expression that Marash Boy used even yesterday, an ironic statement:  "We've accomplished everything that we need to,  so that now we can consider this (bit of foolishness)?" or "With all we have to do, you're bringing this to my attention?" or an ironic, "We've solved all the problems of the world so we can focus on this now!" and the statement would invariably cause the "bringer of this foolishness" to chuckle . . .  

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