Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, 2 Reports, Yesterday, from New York City

Hurricane Sandy, 2 Reports, Yesterday, from New York City

1) The last thing I did before the hurricane/cyclone hit and all power was
lost for 2 days, was order that book from your Living in the dark with no lights, no heat, nothing to keep you occupied is hell.

I have a renewed respect for blind people. At least we could see when
it was daylight, though we depended on flashlights and candles just to
see a little at night. In 2 days, I went thru 6 candles and six
It's an awful thing to be stuck in your home with your wife!

2)  Still no electricity but both of us made it to work and were able to shower. Me at my gym and he at work. I got to work on the bus (one hour on the uptown bus, 1/2 hour on the crosstown); it was crowded but no issues. It was a little eerie. No traffic lights or open stores between our apt and above 34 street. The couple places I walked by on the way to the bus stop were a mess, the Duane Reade on Water Street and the little bit I saw of the South Street Seaport were really bad. I was running for the bus this morning so I didn't get a chance to look around. I hope to get the chance on my way home. There are maintenance people in our building today so we were able to get the toilet working.


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