Friday, November 23, 2012

The Church on Meeting House Lane

The Church on Meeting House Lane
Sagamore Beach -- the stone church --  the Swift Memorial Methodist Church -- Marash Girl felt a kinship to it -- it too had been harmed by tornadic (is there such a word) winds two years ago, causing extensive water damage to the interior of the church.  Thus, taking the grandkids to church on Sunday mornings meant driving down to the Swift Memorial Activity Center to a church service where the children said, "That was really interesting . . . and I understood every word!" 

In the same building, the church thrift shop does a thriving business on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  The first Wednesday Marash Girl took her grandchildren, they didn't realize that there was a basement full of books, and so they meandered through the first floor shop, finding a treasure chest for Elina and three crochet hooks, one for Marash Girl, one for Elina, and one for Iffar (for their next stint with their Ama when they'll learn the fine art of crochet!)

On their second trip to the thrift shop, Marash Girl found it closed -- torrential rains had kept the volunteers at home.  But her third trip there, on her last day in Sagamore Beach, Marash Girl circumnavigated the book room, finding such treasures as were far too many to purchase and carry back to Boston . . . while Marash Boy took a trip to the local Dunkin' Donuts for his morning coffee.  

At the checkout counter, Marash Girl girl found the greatest treasure of all.   She met the cheeriest lady on the beach.  This lady was laughing about her friend who decorated her (the lady's) blue jeans with daisies all down the side.  She paused in her story to greet Marash Girl and they began chatting.  When Marash Girl told her how much they (Marash Girl and the grandchildren) had enjoyed the church service the previous Sunday, the cheery lady said, "Yes, I love this church.    My son died in VietNam, and I didn't go to church for many a year after that. I blamed the wrong person," she said with a grin, pointing upward.  "This church helped me back to joy." Her joy was palpable. Her joy was memorable.  Her joy was an inspiration.


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