Sunday, April 6, 2014

Love salt? Love sugar? Doctor says, "No, no"?

Want to lower your salt intake, but still love salt?  Want to lower your sugar intake but still love sugar?

Because the cooking process causes the sweet or salty tastes to fade, put less salt/sugar (or none) before and during the cooking process and add salt/sugar -- (the less refined the salt or sugar, the less you'll need to use) at end.

1/4 cup of coarse baker's sugar on top of a cake will add far more sweet pleasure to the palate than a cup of sugar in the batter!  As for salt . . . just think about that coarse salt on the surface of a pretzel!

Experiment and see what works for you!  But do experiment.  You'll be surprised at the results.

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  1. the way to decrease the salt and sugar intake is to stop adding them to the food prepared, and to stop eating processed food, all of which have an unhealthy amount of both. after three or four days of eating no salt added, no sugar added food, the palate adjusts and magnifies the natural salt and sugar in all food. the better the soil in which the food is grown, the sweeter the veg or fruit. even all grass fed beef pastured on good grass has a sweet taste to it that can only be experienced if your palate has been cleansed by depriving it of the pejorative effect of eating food with salt and sugar added. that is the interesting thing about the prefall condition of life. everything eaten was sweet to the taste, even the bread of life, the word of God. there is a growing movement in this country to return to that edenic idyll, much of it ignorant of its origins. it is a marvel to discover the sweetness and the saltiness in all food untainted by modern commercialism or misguided culinary preps. Mange au natural!