Thursday, April 10, 2014

Touch Your Plants!

As spring approaches in New England (no, March 21st is definitely NOT the first day of spring around here, ground covered with snow in March), tiny green shoots dare to make their presence known above the nearly frozen earth, through their blanket of mulch (be it leaves or coffee grounds or the dried plant leavings from the year before), and all who have indoor plants wait with longing to be able to expose them to the open air, the direct warmth of the sun,  the rustling of their leaves as the wind makes its way across, the gentleness or not so gentleness of raindrops . . .  What all of this brings to mind is the need to touch your indoor plants while they are indoors . . . touch that they would naturally feel out of doors -- from the rain, from the wind, from the movement of other plants, from insects, bees, butterflies, from animals wandering by (be they wild coyotes or household cats) . . . And so Marash Girl begs you to consider touching your plants, ruffling their leaves . . . . plants need to be touched as do we all.

1 comment:

  1. Naturally! for plants too have their own energy vibrations that when touched forms part of the overall vibration of our own microcosmic orbit and BEYOND.