Saturday, April 5, 2014


On Friday afternoon, April 4, 2014, while the Red Sox played their opening game a few blocks away at Fenway Park, over 100 folks from the Armenian National Committee of Eastern Massachusetts and the Armenian Youth Federation--Greater Boston and Providence Chapters-- demonstrated in front of the Federal Building in Boston, Massachusetts,  insisting that  the United States State Department end its "hypocrisy which fails to condemn the Al-Qaeda attack on the Armenian city of Kessab, Syria, and covers up Turkey's complicity in the invasion and occupation."  Although they smiled for the camera, they were distraught!  The message was loud and clear:  SAVE KESSAB!

While chanting slogans calling for the United States government to step in and help the now homeless Kessabtsis, the demonstrators handed out flyers which stated the following:

"We demand that the U.S. Government speak
clearly and unambiguously in calling on Turkey
to cease its support for this invasion and pressure
foreign extremists to end their occupation of

"We call on the Senate and House Intelligence
committees to launch an investigation into
Turkey's role in the attacks.

"We demand international pressure on Turkey
and the extremist rebel groups to withdraw from
Kessab, Syria, so that Armenian civilians can return home."

Photos by Marash Girl 
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  1. How can the demonstrators “insist” and “demand” anything when they themselves have no power to enforce anything?

    It is a very, very sad situation Kessab.

  2. It's a little upsetting, to say the least, so I don't really want to comment on this.

  3. What happened to the United States' supposedly protecting Judeo-Christian minorities around the world???? Here we have a perfect example of Islamists attacking the Christian minority and the United States Government says and does nothing about it.

    1. DC: what you are witnessing has become normative. in fact, the very same thing occurs daily in this country. why would you expect our foreign policy to be any different from our observed domestic policy? Wake up, man. the anti-christian spirit, the spirit of the anti-christ, is rife int he USA and rising. we are silenced by PC, and our pulpiteers, because of their own apostasy, or anorexic faith, have abetted this spirit, by making Christianity into a joke and powerless. what we have inherited in this country is the wind of generations of liberalism infecting and demeaning the power of the Spirit, by the teaching of error, and the making flaccid the very idea of Truth. Just check out this blog and note the comments. they are testimony to the declension and utter ignorance of the Christian faith. In a post christian world, like the one in which we now live in the USA, the pursuit of truth (know ye the truth, and the truth will set you free) is exchanged for the pursuit of power. the culture has become a culture of Pontius Pilate, the one famous for uttering 'what is truth', when it was standing directly in front of him. power has been raised as a standard, and the blood of the many will now soak the earth, because the blood of the one, the Christ, has been rejected.