Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fear not!

One of Marash Girl's favorite Bible quotations of Jesus:  "Fear not for I am with thee!"

Nonetheless, there are those around us who fear . . .

During a Sunday morning walk with Marash Boy around Bullough's Pond, Marash Girl, commenting on such folks, quoted Karoun (of Karoun Yoga fame): "You attract what you fear!"

Marash Boy, without pause, quipped, "I thought that applied only to cats!"  (See http://marashgirl.blogspot.com/2012/01/more-on-pudd.html)


  1. bullough's pond was the locus of the clash of three ethnic enclaves on a sheet of frozen water. bullough's pond sat in the middle of an old blue blooded yankee enclave of inherited wealth and status, and served the them and the classes rising about them as the neighborhood skating pond. it also drew those who were far away, in step, and out of step. bullough's is where that tough from Nonantum, feeling clever and superior, pushed marashgirl down on a cold winter's night while ice skating with scores of onlookers, passerbys and skaterbys. what the tough never reckoned on was the menace that lurked behind the wide eyed, sloe eyed, ingenue, with braids and a face that was filled with wonder. that menace, fueled by the grace of God, which, as it turns out, was possibly an example of how the wrath of God is poured out against all unrighteousness, was her father, a man of less than medium stature, with fists of stone and eyes of a blue sky reflecting off a granite wall. that night, the tough, most likely irreligious, at least from the perspective of a Reformation Protestant, found religion, at least a wee bit of it, when the wrath of God descended on his home with a smile that was as a steel wire drawn across his mouth. fortunately, the father of the tough, a one-time tough himself, knew angelic beings when he saw them. as the story goes, father of the first part gave an option to the father of the second part. either you take care of your miscreant wolf pup, or I will. marashgirl's father was able to convey the thought with such SPREZZATURA, as to freeze the heart of both father and son, the whelp's consciousness was raised, forced to cough up an apology, and was banished for the winter term from beholding the norman rockwell portrait of ice skating on bullough's pond.

    1. The girls from Frank Ashley Day Jr. High (Nonantum) were playing "Snap the Whip" on the ice of Bullough's Pond; Marash Girl was at the end of the "whip" and holding on tight, but not tight enough to defend herself against the "grab and toss" of the tough from the Lake that is now buried under tar . . . not the tough from the Lake buried under tar, but the Lake in Nonantum . . . yes, buried under tar.

    2. Where was the lake in Nonantum?