Monday, June 11, 2012

'Beachcoma' Clam Chowder, Plum Island, Massachusetts

Such a beautiful day was yesterday that everyone (it seemed) in the Boston area headed for the Cape or Plum Island.  Marash Girl opted for Plum Island.  Less time, less traffic.  But Marash Girl and Marash Boy hadn't had lunch and didn't want to  walk for miles along the beach with no nourishment.  Stopping at their favorite haunt (where they could eat outside and look over the marshes) was not an option; the lines were out the door, literally, and there was no seating.  So they continued on and soon came to what appeared to be a bar.  Marash Girl remembered her father saying that bars always had the best food . . . how he knew, she's not sure, as she doesn't remember his frequenting bars . . . but on that assumption, he often told the story of how he and Uncle Paul walked into a bar, and ordered lunch.  The waitress came by and asked them what they would like to drink; they declined and said they just wanted the sandwiches they had ordered.  The waitress came by every five minutes to find out what they wanted to drink; they declined and replied that they just wanted the sandwiches they had ordered.  That continued for  half an hour; they never ordered a drink; their sandwiches never came.  So how Marash Girl's father knew that bars always have the best food is a mystery!  At any rate, Marash Boy and Marash Girl walked into a bar (the Beachcoma).  The waitress asked, "What can I get you to drink?"  Marash Girl asked, "Do you make your own clam chowder?"  "I'll check," she said, and came back assuring us that they did make their own clam chowder.  "We'll each have a bowl of that,"  Marash Boy replied.  "What can I get you to drink?" asked the waitress.  "Water is fine," they replied in unison.

And soon, out came two big bowls of clam chowder, $10 for the two, the best clam chowder Marash Girl (and she has been looking for the best clam chowder all her life) has ever had in her life.  Take a drive up to Plum Island on the north shore of Massachusetts and try the Clam Chowder at the 'Beachcoma'.  You'll want to take some home with you for sure!  And don't worry.  There's a restaurant on one side of the establishment.  You don't have to walk up to the bar to order your clam chowder.


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