Friday, June 29, 2012

Sure Cure for Sore Throats

Yesterday, Brother James mentioned that his daughter Nicolette (who is a counselor at a summer camp in upstate New York) had a sore throat and that he had recommended . . . before he could finish his sentence, Marash Girl broke in, as she is sometimes wont to do, with her tried and true (and fun) cure for sore throats.  Wanna hear what she recommended that ALWAYS works both for her AND her children?

Go to a good movie in a movie theatre (not on TV or on your computer --  don't worry about the entry fee -- you'd pay more than that to go to see your doctor), order the largest possible popcorn with butter and salt (extra large refillable size) and a Coke (extra large refillable size with plenty of ice, NOT diet, no substitutes), grab plenty of napkins --  (DO NOT sneak in your own bottle of Coke or your own bag of popcorn to save a dollar or two because if you do, this cure will not work).  Now settle down in your favorite section of the theatre, preferably with no one on either side of you, and steep yourself in the world of the movie.  If you have finished the Coke and the popcorn by the end of the film, you may have an engorged tummy, but your sore throat will be gone!


  1. beware of unintended consequences...and so...if this were adopted nationwide,it would collapse the medical care industry's demand for primary care physicians, and in one stroke obviate the act of and need for Obamacare. who needs a bureaucrat to inform us of our need for healthcare, when we would not have a care in the world?... as long as there was a magic wand of wood (the wood of the holly from which the wand of the wizard is made which has the power to cast spells, which is why the Hollywood was prized above all others for their power to make real that which was not)to cast spells before us while eating popcorn and drinking coca cola. How much more American could one be? Forget multi-culturalism, nothing could be better than...
    we have taken the secret ingredients of american chinese food, salt, fat,rice and sugar, traded rice for corn, added a wholesale amount of good old american coke, and faster than you could say Billy Wilder, or 'one, two, three', the world melts before us taking with it our sore throat and the bureaucrats. Good golly, Miss Holly, can i copywright, patent this? No, silly, it is like cold fusion, and free to the world.

  2. It does work. You need to share this remedy with all the movie theater corporations around the USA!

  3. I wonder what Mayor Bloomberg would think of this cure ... or if it will even be possible in NYC with his new rules about large sodas!

  4. I can't wait to get a sore throat!