Monday, June 25, 2012

The Value of a Penny

Did you see that penny?


And you didn't pick it up?

No, why should I?  It's only a penny.

You're fired, then.

What, for not picking up a penny?  You must be kidding!

If you don't value a penny, I don't want you working for me!  You're fired.

As told to Marash Girl by her father, relating an incident that occurred at Newtonville Electrical Company, Inc., in the 1960's between Peter and a young Newton Trade School intern electrician Peter was training.


  1. That made me think of my grandmother. I will usually pick up a penny if I notice one, but sometimes you don't want to touch whatever it might be in/on. In that case, I always say "sorry Grammy" on my way past. I have caught my sister doing the same thing. :)