Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Father, Lizz Winstead's Father, and Love: Lizz Winstead, LIZZ FREE OR DIE: Essays

Lizz Winstead, Lizz Free or Die - Essays.  Riverhead Books, 2012
Reading the recently published book of essays by stand-up comedian Lizz Winstead, co-founder of Air America Radio, Marash Girl was surprised to find that Marash Girl's father and Lizz's father, though separated by almost a generation, had something in common:  their love for their children and their sense of humor.  In the next to the last chapter of her book of essays qua autobiography (or as she calls them Lizzsays), Lizz (the youngest child in the family) writes of her father's last joke on his children.  Sending them each a sealed envelope with instructions not to open until after his death (which of course caused them all to do the opposite), the card said, "I love you.  You were my favorite.  Please don't tell the others."  Reading those lines last night reminded Marash Girl of her own father, Peter, who always said to his grandchildren (probably at about the same time Liz's father was writing his last note to his children), "You are my favorite grandchild!"  And when Karoun, Marash Girl's youngest, thought to ask, "What do you say to the others?", Peter answered, chuckling, "The same thing!"


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