Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Photo Credit: Newton Patch
Was this the bear that was sighted or a facsimile?

BLACK BEAR SIGHTED IN AREA: From the Newton Patch, Monday, June 25, 2012:
"Needham Police say the animal was seen in the wooded area between Second and Highland Avenues and the Charles River.  Newton Police Department has confirmed that a black bear has been sighted in the area of 2nd Ave in Needham this morning. The Mass. Environmental Police are currently looking for it.
According to scanner reports, daycares near the Newton/Needham line are on a "lock down" following the bear sighting off 2nd Avenue. Residents were reminded to 'keep their distance' if they spot a bear and to bring in all bird feeders or leftover food, try to cover all trash when possible to prevent any odors that would lure a bear into a residential area."
Marash Boy commented, "There's obviously more food here in Newton for bears than in Wilbraham! . . . And a black bear, at that!"

This morning, the Newton Patch reported Skipjack's, a restaurant on Needham Street located near the bear sighting, closed Monday.   Could it be related to that black bear sighting?

Yesterday's report of "b'ar" triggered a host of Wilbraham memories.  Several years ago a  Wilbraham resident on the East side of Ridge Road reported sighting a black bear eating bird seed from the bird feeder in her back yard.  The Wilbraham resident called the police.  The police asked the resident, "And what do you want us to do about it?"
When the peaches were ripe, the black bears were ready, and one late August, early September night, the kids were tenting in the field in front of the cabin on top of Wilbraham Mountain when they heard shuffling and snuffling outside of their tent.  Not knowing what to do, they did nothing and lived to tell the tale.

Little Karoun (while sitting on the cabin porch) saw a black bear sauntering across the field, coming up from Uncle George's bee hives and  heading into the woods towards Monson.  (I guess the bees scared the bear away when it attempted to taste their honey.)  Deron remembers Karoun telling of this encounter, but today, Karoun remembers nothing of that black bear.

Marash Girl never could figure out how to bar against "b'ar" the unlockable doors of the mountaintop cabin  in Wilbraham, just in case a bear decided that s/he preferred Armenian cooking to what was available in the wilds.


  1. Karoun didn't actually see the bear. I think it was a worker on George's property saw the bear walk from the bee hives, passed the large oak tree and into the woods. That worker also saw Karoun sitting alone on the front porch of the cabin, but Karoun was sitting on the porch with her back turned to the oak tree the entire time while the bear was making its way toward the woods. This worker likely relayed the story to George, who told us.

  2. After last night's chase and thunderstorm, Brookline Police found the bear sleeping in a tree in South Brookline this morning. Reports indicate crews are working to remove the bear from the tree. From the Newton Patch today.

  3. WHDH.com has it all. I feel bad for Da Bear falling 80 feet. Maybe that is why they packed it in ice- to reduce swelling from injuries? it is not that warm today and they are transporting it in an open pickup to Westboro. if he comes to and they find he has broken legs they shoot it, I suppose... He has 2 ear tags, so not a stranger... I always feel bad for these bears. They are up the trees to AVOID us, not attack...we are encroaching on their territory, ever expanding the burbs, and they have found our trash delicious...

    1. A great way to recycle food. No muss, no fuss!

  4. We love bears and the wild that allows them to live.

  5. Up here, some call cats snacks for bears. Black bears (often brown in color) are ubiquitous in the Sierra Mountains, and yes, are coming down to help civilization with its garbage. I just checked on Google to fact check my memory that brown bears are the Kodiak and Grizzlies.

  6. Did you see this story? http://boston.com/metrodesk/2012/06/26/black-bear-spotted-brookline/0GneVZisUTYlaRN0Ar1REJ/story.html?p1=News_links

  7. if i believed in re-incarnation, which i do not, i would say the bear was one of those early colonial explorers condemned to have another go at it.