Friday, June 15, 2012

Planting Zucchini

Anyone know how to plant zucchini?  In a mound, flat on the ground?

Marash Girl's father and uncle used to plant their zucchini in the mounds of ashes, now turned to soil, piled up around the base of the apple tree trunks, ashes recycled from the burning of paper in the Hollinator, ashes that predatory insects could not cross (ashes are basic, insects are acidic, according to the sages, and never the twain do mix).  The zucchini thrived, and so did the apple trees.

Here in Newton Corner, there are no apple trees on our postage stamp lot, but there is a hill, a hill going down to the fence that separates this postage stamp lot from the next postage stamp lot.  Wonder if the zucchini will accept the hill as a mound (granted only a mound on one side), or if they will decide that the mound is flat ground on a slant . . . 

The zucchini seeds have been soaking for several days . . . this afternoon they'll be placed in their new home on the side of the hill . . . Wonder if they'll thrive there. . . stay tuned!


  1. my observation of growing zucchini is not so much the growing but the stopping!

    1. I hope this proves true for my zucchini! I love to make zucchini bread and zucchini dolma (Armenian style)!

    2. I once took a giant zucchini (as they grow here unless you're very careful) of about two feet tall and cut off the bottom, carved out the bottom third of the inside, carved a jack-o-lantern face, and set it on a candle. It was the scariest "pumpkin" I ever made!