Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Door Knobs, Rubber Bands, and Memories

Where do you keep your rubber bands?  Do you keep them?  Or do you just toss them. . . Where do they all come from?  At the moment, Marash Girl must have 100 rubber bands on the doorknob, mounded to the edge of the knob so that it's almost impossible to open the door. . . and which door is it?                                
The door leading to the back hall . . . hey, wait a minute, that's not right!  They should be on the cellar door . . . the  door with the glass door knob leading from the kitchen to the cellar, the entrance the family always used to enter and leave our house . . . the cellar with the old stove, the pool table, the work bench holding all those unnamable tools (band saw, soldering iron, clamps, for starters)  with shelves of nails and screws and tools, with fishing rods and fishing lures, with the doll carriage awaiting repair, and in the back room, the old slate double tub with our first electric washing machine with electric ringer and washboard set up beside it.  .  .

So where do you keep your rubber bands, or DO you keep them?


  1. I googled around so that I could comment smartly that "where do you keep your rubberbands ?" is a question plaguing mankind since 1845. see The History of Rubber Bands. The remarkable part is in 1845 on the same day 2 different men got a patent for said rubber band...apparently strangers, or it wouldn't be worth mentioning, I guess... (WELL it's obvious I don't know how to link or hyper link or WHATEVER...)but my rubberbands Do Tend To Congregate on the turning signal and windshield wiper levers in my car as my only source of rubber bands comes from WholeFoods take out, and even tho I don't want the kindly check out peeps @ WFs to do it, seems they must rubberband my take out cardboard-box-o-food. Oh, I think that is the first time I've used rubberband as a verb...Ha! Anyway aren't rubberbands harmful to pets and wildlife if you toss 'em/landfill. Now I'm going to have to google that too...

  2. Oh, wait a minute. Did you mean rubberbands as a metaphor for memories?