Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fishing and Lunching at the Ship Restaurant in Lynnfield

Hope it's not inappropriate today, Father's Day, for Marash Girl to recall a Mother's Day of about 10 years ago, when Marash Girl was accompanied by her father and Marash Boy to the Ship Restaurant (was it called that then?) for lobster  (Marash Girl's favorite)!  Going south on Route One soon after the cut off at 128, still  stands a ship restaurant (which in fact is called the Ship Restaurant).  Peter, Marash Girl's father, on that Mother's Day years ago, regaled us with stories of how   he, as a young man, would go fishing in Hawkes Pond behind that restaurant in Lynnfield, how he caught a fish, brought the fish into the restaurant (don't know it's name in the 1930's), and ordered and ate his own, freshly caught, freshly prepared fish for lunch!  Or was that just a fish story . . . 


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