Monday, June 4, 2012


Classical, traditional, and folk Arabic and Balkan Music as performed by Christiane Karam & ZilZALA greet Marash Boy & Marash Girl yesterday upon their arrival at WBUR's Springfest.
Marash Boy meets WBUR's Robin Young ("Here and Now") at the WBUR Booth on the banks of the Charles. 
Children enjoy a day of fun and frolic on the shores of the Charles yesterday, thanks to WBUR.

WBUR's Megna Chakrabarti, with baby in backpack, introduces 
Rebecca Loebe (left) to WBUR supporters.
WBUR's Tom Ashbrook ("On Point") enjoys a moment in the spring sun on the banks of the Charles River yesterday afternoon.

Face painting on the banks of the Charles! 
Non-stop live entertainment under the tent on the banks of the Charles.
Folks who had the courage joined a team and rowed along the Charles River, celebrating Spring with WBUR; the story goes that at last year's festival, a woman rower dropped an oar into the Charles, leaned over to get it, and capsized the boat and all of its occupants!

WBUR supporters row along the Charles River.
After 2 PM, "all available rowing spots had been filled."


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