Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Finnish in Takoma Park

Around the corner from Forest Park (where, by the way, there was no forest to be seen), on Elm Avenue in Takoma Park, a resident shared a small piece of Takoma Park local history with Marash Girl.

My bungalow was built in 1929 by a man from Finland, she said . . . Finnish people settled in these parts.  Those little out-buildings in the back were Saunas.  The Finnish man who built this house first lived in the little building in the back while he was building this house; then, after this house was built, he moved into this house, and made the little back building into a sauna.  He first created a cement block factory in the yard, and used the cement blocks to build this house, and if you look, you'll see these cement blocks all over Takoma Park.

(Look, Marash Girl did, and see, she did! Decorative cast cement blocks at the base of many of the houses in the area, particularly in the neighborhood surrounding Forest Park.)


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