Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Old Howard, Scollay Square, Beyonce and the Super Bowl

Sunday night's Superbowl half-time entertainment brought to mind a favorite joke of Marash Girl's dad (though the circumstances under which the joke was told are lost in the mists of time):

Father to son, "Don't ever go to The Old Howard in Scollay Square".
Son to father, "Why not?"
Father to son, "You'll see things that you shouldn't be seeing."
As is wont to happen, the son goes to the Old Howard in Scollay Square, and as predicted, he saw something he shouldn't have seen. . .  His father!
"The Old Howard, Boston’s most famous (some would say notorious) theatre, opened in 1846 and evolved from legitimate theatre to vaudeville to burlesque and finally to striptease" so risque that it kept the Boston vice squad busy, and led to an indecency hearing which eventually shut down the Old Howard in 1953." [From the internet]
We might as well have been at the Old Howard on Sunday night, as the family gathered around the telly to watch the Super Bowl and [sandwiched in between the halves], supersex, but no vice squad appeared on the screen to shut down the lurid dance of Beyonce, Beyonce hailed by Tris McCall of The Star-Ledger as  "a beacon of femininity!"  

A beacon of raw (raunchy?) sexuality, perhaps, but certainly not femininity!


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