Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pajama Day?

A Takoma Park elementary school touts Pajama Day as one of the funnest days of the year -- a day when all the kids get to wear their pajamas to school.  "It's fun to see what pajamas other kids wear," said one of the students.  Yet that very same student admitted that she felt funny going to the YMCA for her swimming lessons, still wearing her pajamas.  

The stuff of nightmares -- that's what wearing pajamas to school meant to Marash Boy and Marash Girl -- the horror of suddenly realizing that you are in school, surrounded by all your friends, but you have forgotten to get dressed -- you are still in your pajamas -- that was our nightmare, one that we had often enough to remember to this day -- one never shared with each other before this day, the day we learned that our grandchildren were to go to school in their pajamas!  A special treat, a fun day, a special event for them; still a nightmare for their grandparents.

Marash Girl smiles to think of what her own great aunts would shriek at the slightest mention of such goings on:  Abow!  Amot!  Inch khent pun mn e! Inch aboushoutioun eh asiga!