Monday, February 25, 2013

Eco-Tourism in the Rain Forests of Ecuador

Lorig swimming against the current in the Capahuari River.  (Capahuari means piranha in Achuar, the language of the locals . .  You'd think that would be reason enough not to go swimming in that river.) Photo Credit: Matt

The Pirannha that Matt caught (just look at those teeth!), which the cook fried up for dinner. 

Is that called turning the tables, or what?  Photo Credit:  Lorig

A caiman lurking in the reeds of the Capahuari River, Kapawi Lodge, Ecuador  . . .                        Photo Credit: Lorig

A Caiman of Ecuador in the Capahuari River. "Like all crocodilians, caimans eat a variety of fish, amphibians, turtles, birds and mammals   -- whatever creature happens to be unlucky enough to wander near them . . . "   Photo Credit:  Lorig

When Marash Girl expressed concern at her daughter's swimming in a river shared by pirannhas and caimans, she was told by her daughter, "The piranhas won't actually bite humans if they have enough other food.  And we were told that they have plenty of other food in the river."  Perhaps, but Marash Girl wonders what the caimans were thinking, and what her daughter was thinking that the caimans were thinking she was . . .

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  1. hey.that was form my mom and dads to Ecuador