Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Lorig!

Lorig's adventures always provided Marash Girl's family, friends and neighbors, with great stories -- from the time Lorig and her friend  Caroline Barth  spied a guy on Franklin Street in Newton Corner  carrying a rifle under his trench coat, to the time she faced off with Mrs. Nadeau, the elementary school principal.  (We'll save that story for later. . . )  To the time she (still in sixth grade) publicly challenged  Superintendent of Schools John Strand and Mayor Theodeore Mann with her original slogan, "We've Been Stranded!"  It's no wonder that she has led a life challenging the status quo, leading the fight for the good and the right, to this day working actively against the death penalty, working towards peace in every way every day as director and trainer in Maryland's statewide community mediation program, and "going to prison" every weekend to train inmates in "Alternatives to Violence" workshops. 

When Setti Warren was running for Mayor of Newton, an office he now holds, he loved to tell the tale of high school freshman Lorig making sure Warren's every step as President of the Senior Class was the way it should be.

Time to run for the House of Representatives, Lorig!  or better yet, follow your 5th grade words of wisdom:  "I don't want to be the President of the United States; I just want to be his advisor!"  

Happy Birthday, Lorig Djan!

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  1. Tell me those stories Marash Girl