Friday, February 15, 2013

At a coffee shop in Takoma Park, Maryland

The little boy stood by her side, waiting for her to purchase his box of all natural apple juice and her cup of fair trade coffee.  Two years old,  his practiced hands  delighted in receiving his little box of apple juice.  Separating the (cellophane protected) prepackaged straw from the small box, he deftly removed the straw's cellophane covering, not so deftly dropped the straw on the rug in front of the check-out counter, and,  retrieving the straw from the ground,  started placing it into the tiny, yet unopened hole in the top of the apple juice box.  Observing this faux-pas, and before the little boy could begin to drink, Marash Girl called out to his mother:  "Your son dropped his straw on the ground."  "No problem," answered the mother, as she proudly glanced down at her son.
Marash Girl couldn't help wondering at this new method of childrearing . . was it the "2 second rule", or what?


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