Sunday, February 3, 2013

Red Squirrels in Newton?

Marash Girl saw her first red squirrel yesterday as the sun rose on the line of evergreens between her house and her neighbors' in Newton Corner, Massachusetts. Marash Boy often spoke of having seen red squirrels in Wilbraham, but only rarely, and only deep in the forests on top of Wilbraham Mountain.  Marash Girl had never seen the red squirrel. Having lived in Newton most of her life, she had seen many a grey squirrel, grey squirrels that scavenged the yards and fruit trees of both her family home in Newtonville and her home in Newton Corner.  Yesterday morning was different.  Yesterday morning, a red squirrel was romping from one evergreen to the next, it's red coat alight in the rays of the rising sun.  Marash Girl was dazzled. Wanting to know more, Marash Girl learned that "the diet of these tree squirrels is specialized on the seeds of conifer cones." So that explains the reason that the red squirrel seemed so happy. But why had Marash Girl never seen a red squirrel before?  The red squirrel was too fast for Marash Girl to grab her camera, so here's an  image borrowed from the internet: 

 From WIkipedia:  The American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) is one of three species of tree squirrel currently classified in the genus Tamiasclurus known as pine squirrels.


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