Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ever wonder what you are?

Next time you go to your local pizza shop, listen up!  At a Takoma Park, Maryland, celebratory gathering featuring pizza,  the organizer needed to take count as to exactly what kind of pizza he should be ordering and for how many . . .  He began:  "How many of you are vegan?"  A handful of children raised their hands.  He continued:  "How many are gluten free?"  A smaller group raised their hands.  "And you, young man?" the organizer asked, nodding to Iffar whose great-grandparents on one side survived the Armenian genocide, and on the other, the Irish potato famine . . . whose Armenian mother eats vegan and whose father eats meat and potatoes . . . And you, young man?  Without pause, 6 year old Iffar answered,

                   "I'm half Irish and half vegan!"